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Dr. Ann Marie Luce
Leader, Coach, and Educator

Over 27 years of education in American, Canadian, and international institutions of learning.

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Find your passion and interests and see where they lead you.


Knowledge Seeker

Discover resources, information, and connections about cultures that impact your daily interactions.



Identify your strengths and uncover your blind spots on the road to cultural intelligence.



Map a plan towards your goal of becoming a more culturally intelligent leader.

CQ Dimensions

CQ Drive

The motivation to adapt in a cross-cultural setting.

CQ Knowledge

Knowledge about cultures and the impact on daily interactions.

CQ Strategy

The ability to observe, analyze, and apply the right strategy to a specific situation.

CQ Action

Ability to behave in a culturally appropriate manner.

A3: If there is time to reflect, ruminate and reframe you may see a challenge as an opportunity but that takes time and space. Making and finding time and space is important for leaders. Easy to say, hard to do at times. #WarmDemanders

A2B: Often staff want decisions as you are walking through the door as that is what is first on their mind. Slowing down, listening and gathering info and making decisions later in the day might save knee jerk reactions and poor decision making. #WarmDemanders

A2: I think it really depends on the type of decision that needs to be made. Crisis and quick decisions need to be made regardless of the time of day. And those that take time and evidence could be made at anytime with thought and consideration. #WarmDemanders

A1: It may be perceived as another hard thing to do. It may mean changing behavior and habits at a very challenging time. It may unintentially add pressure not relieve it. #WarmDemanders

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