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CQ Dimensions

CQ Drive

The motivation to adapt in a cross-cultural setting.

CQ Knowledge

Knowledge about cultures and the impact on daily interactions.

CQ Strategy

The ability to observe, analyze, and apply the right strategy to a specific situation.

CQ Action

Ability to behave in a culturally appropriate manner.

Culture and context matter when creating policy and making decisions for a community. How do we ensure the safety of staff and students while maintaining continuity in education? We entered into a collaborative process with our community to do just that.

This week I had what I thought was a great idea for the staff. One of my Assistant Principals told me it wasn’t the right time.

It’s not enough for an idea to be good. It has to be the right time.

Leaders…it’s important to have people around you who will tell you this stuff.

Just when we thought it was safe to return home all hell broke loose! What I know is that in my 28-year career I have never seen educators more worthy of respect and gratitude!

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