Charging Stations

Charging Stations

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Originally published on LinkedIn January 23rd,2022

Sometime over the last two weeks, I listened to Glennon Doyle’s We Can Do Hard Things podcast “Are Your Friendships Draining or Charging You?” with Luvvie Ajayi Jones. It resonated with me and I examined my friendships, their seasons, and their impact on my life over time. Friends come and go. There are seasons and types of friendships that serve us at different times in our life. Some friendships are brief, while others last decades or a lifetime.

As I reflected on this powerful episode, I also began to think about how this applies to work. Luvvie, Glennon, Abby, and Amanda identify some guidelines to determine if your friendship is draining or charging you in the podcast. Many people spend most of their day working, often more time with colleagues and work than with family and friends. We choose our work just like we choose our friends, so then might this framework be a way to examine our jobs and careers to determine if they are draining or charging us? Here are six things to consider:

  1. Do you trust your employer to be responsible for your care? Is there are a balance between productivity and personal wellness? Is the environment physically, socially, and emotionally safe? Do you feel supported? Do your colleagues/employer show up for you when you need them?
  2. Is your workplace a charging station for you? Am I excited to go to work? Do I leave at the end of the day energized or drained? Am I passionate about my work?
  3. Does my workplace align with my values and behavior? My name or reputation is associated with my workplace. Do the company’s vision, mission, and values fit mine? Am I in a position where I may be compromising my integrity and professional reputation?
  4. Is work a place where we share the joy? Do we celebrate the success of others? Do we honor personal and professional milestones? Do we have fun together?
  5. Am I both comforted and challenged? Are mistakes viewed as an opportunity for learning? Is my potential recognized, and am I pushed and supported to reach it? Is there an opportunity for mobility within the organization?
  6. Should I stay, or should I go? Am I second-guessing everything I do? Do I feel safe, present, and trusted? Are our values still aligned? Does their narrative fit my reality?

I am not suggesting that you move on from your job after one horrible day or even week. If you find yourself in a rut, questioning, seeing patterns in yourself or your work, stop and reflect. Take some time. Ask yourself the hard questions. Are you in love with your work? If it is no longer serving you, find a way and plan to let it go.


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