Dr. Ann Marie Luce


Ann Marie Luce’s About Face Consulting is the culmination of 29+ years of experience in education.  Ann Marie has worked as an educator in the United States, Canada, and internationally in both public and private schools.  She has recently completed her Educational Doctorate from Gonzaga University.

Ann Marie’s experience is unique and her story, relatable. Her international experience and wisdom led to her focus on Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and leadership.  Ann Marie has developed a practical approach to understanding and applying CQ in leadership.  She uses this approach to deepen her understanding and leadership practice.  Ann Marie is an advocate and champion for all women leaders.

This site provides information, coaching, and consulting services for leaders and future leaders of organizations, and educational institutions.

I am all the places in which I've left my heart.

— Marina Sofia

Through my own journey, I discovered the path towards developing leadership intelligence requires motivation, knowledge, strategy, and changes in behavior. Strong and authentic leaders are reflective practitioners committed to their personal and professional growth.

Consulting for…

  • individuals seeking personal and professional growth.
  • schools wanting to enhance or improve diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
  • leaders seeking support in creating professional learning sessions for staff.

Heads of School


School Administrators

Directors of Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Coordinators

Instructional Coaches

Teachers at all levels

Boards of Directors

Why is CQ important for today's leaders?

Growing Multicultural Workforce

Leaders with high CQ are better equipped to deal with the dynamics of a multicultural team and can navigate miscommunications and misunderstandings.
(Groves and Feyerham, 2011)

Global Competence

CQ provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to confront inequity, appreciate diversity, and approach problem-solving with a global mindset. (Tichnor-Wagner, 2019)

Strong Organizational Culture

Developing cultural intelligence enables leaders to harness the human potential within their organizations and to create a shared culture that respects and celebrates diversity and sees it as essential for intercultural learning (Calnin, 2018).

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